The International Yacht & Aviation Awards

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024, organized by design et al and Luxe et al, are set to celebrate the best in yacht and aviation design on May 31, 2024, in Cannes. These awards are unique in their focus on design elements within the yacht and aviation industries, providing a platform for designers, architects, shipyards, and manufacturers to showcase their innovative work​ (The Design Awards)​​

This year, the awards have several categories, with notable entries such as the Nordhavn 80#03 LADY DI, shortlisted for Best Yacht Design Under 25 Meters and Best Interior Yacht Design Under 40 Meters​ (Nordhavn Yachts)​. The event will feature premier tables and individual tickets available for purchase, with priority given to shortlisted companies​ (The Design Awards)​.

The awards have a comprehensive voting system, allowing the global design community and Luxe et al readers to participate in selecting the winners, highlighting the community-driven aspect of the event​ (The Design Awards)​​.

For more details on the event, ticket purchases, and to view past winners, you can visit the official International Yacht & Aviation Awards page

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